Please note that this is a working prototype. We hope to launch officially in 2022

10-week courses in popular culture, featuring video-based lessons that combine media theory, cinema studies, philosophy, history and social theory.

  • Designed for working adults from all walks of life
  • Meeting multiple learning styles
  • Serving the diverse needs of today's learners

Change Your Life in 10 Weeks

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Porn Studies 101

Get your certificate in Porn Studies 101. What is porn studies? Why would anyone want to study pornography and what can you possibly do with that? Take this 10-week course and find out.


San Francisco Modernism

What is San Francisco modernism? What was happening in San Francisco in the 19th and early 20th centuries? How is San Francisco modernism singularly unique?


Melodrama and Society

What can the form of melodrama teach us about how we are "governed" in the historical present? How can we productively study the form of melodrama, from the 1950's to the early 2000's, in order to better think where we are today?


The Philosophy of Rick and Morty

This courses is an experiment in thinking as radical as cartoons themselves. We will study the form and content of existential cartoons, horror films, video games, comics, and much more.

Each course comes with a signed certificate of completion.

Video Lectures

Video lecture based courses that employ a unique visual reading style that doesn’t require you to read articles or books. PDF’s of articles will still be made available in each course. 

3 Hours Per Week

Weekly lessons require approx. 3 hours of time and are centered around one major work of visual expression.

Private Social Media and Forums

Our own private social media, forums, and messaging are built into the learning environment for maximum interactivity and engagement. 

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Hi, I’m Rob Thomas, Ph.D. and it has been a dream of mine to offer my courses to everyday learners who are not enrolled in a degree program. Many of my friends have never had access to higher education. Others are post-graduates with busy lives. I am always meeting people in my everyday life who want to take my courses, but have no access. I had no way to serve them, until now. I’ve built myLearn with a lot of care and thought about teaching working adults from all walks of life. I am excited to be able to share some of the unique courses I have developed and taught over the past 20-years. Welcome to a new way of learning.